As Always in Love

Mike McAuliffe on bass | Steve Mankenberg on drums & conguita | Steve Weichert on rythm & finger pickin' guitar | plus other featured artists

watermelon man - sample
heat of the afternoon sun - sample
high plains drifter - sample
stand up - sample
peace - sample
better left unsaid - sample
hold me close - sample
come on in - sample
myth of redemptive violence - sample
forgive me - sample
bring it all home - sample
coming home again - sample
foolish love - sample
as always in love - sample

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Between the Lines

All songs by Steve Weichert, produced by Rick del Castillo & Steve Weichert. Released 2003.

I Keep Wonderin' - sample
I Did It All For You - sample
Row To Hoe
All Right By Me
Prelude - Between
Between The Lines - sample
Sweet Is The Honey - sample
Angels - sample
Indian John's - sample
Nothin' To It
Restless Life
You're So Fine

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